This project was one of my personal favorites to work on as it was for a subject so near and dear to my heart – passing music and the music industry on to the next generation.

The Music Experience helps manufacturers emotionally engage end users through experiential marketing at the biggest music festivals in the country. Although sales in an aspect of TME, it is not the focus. Inside TME, sales are a byproduct of inspiration.

Another exciting thing The Music Experience does is take young music students and kids interested in working in the professional live music industry on guided backstage tours of some of the country’s largest music festivals.

The company’s Chief Visionary Officer, Carmen “Squiggy” Mark DiGiacomo came to me to help create a small pamphlet that he could distribute to these kids that would help explain to them he various different career paths and ecosystems that exist within the music industry. I wrote all the copy and designed everything about this in a way that I felt I would have been impactful to me a young aspiring industry professional.

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