Available for tour content capture and production. My approach to tour videography is to focus on capturing and highlighting unique, scroll stopping clips on a daily basis. I focus heavily on capturing candid backstage and onstage moments to give your fans a window into a world very few get access to. I combine daily content in the form or loops or short clips with weekly or biweekly live show recaps to keep content flowing on a daily basis while also giving more impact to the more involved, longer weekly pieces.

“I don’t know if Matt and I share a common vision, or if he’s just great at adapting to that of the (in my case) artist… but either way everything we’ve made together has been great and I’ve loved. I’m nit-picky and incredibly hard to please when it comes to photographers… generally disappointed and wishing I were able to be in two places at once in order to do the job myself. With that said, I have prints of Matt’s work around my house, and keep bringing him! He’s a blast to travel the world with and always a pleasure to be around. Don’t be an idiot. Add an Akana to your life!”

~Danny Worsnop

All photos and videos below are from my time with Asking Alexandria